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It's hot. Why on Earth is it hot?

Tomorrow I'll be starting University Take Two - English. I'm a bit nervous about that and a bit excited. However, going outside and actually talking to people would make it difficult to pretend I don't live here.

I will have much less time for my hobbies (baking, fanfic reading, Cat worship ect.) now. Whatever shall I do?
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So, general elections to the Knesset (the Israeli parliament) today. I do believe we've not had a government that lasted the full, four year term in over 15 years. That can't be good. I have generally low expectations from politicians, but I still feel uneasy. The wind is blowing so much to the right that some of the parties beg the term 'fascist'. Some of them will almost certainly pass.

The sheer number of parties is astounding. Over twenty. Regularly one of the new parties gets into the Knesset because voters are so sick with all the existing ones they go for them, thinking that few others will. So we have parties that get around 10% of votes one election and completely vanish the next. Crackpot parties abound. The party for the protection of male rights. The joint party of Holocaust survivors and 'graduates' of the Green Leaf party (in favor of legalizing marijuana), I mean what the hell?

In short, I'm rather scared of the country I'll be living in starting tomorrow. Things are pretty bad already and though I don't believe any of the candidates will make great sweeping social changes (the larger parties esp. seem to be mostly about them being in power and not someone else, then any actual policy), but you can never underestimate the tendency for things to get worse.
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1. Insomnia is not your friend. It is probably best to try for at least a few hours sleep at night, even if it does result in dreams about flying (as in piloting) on a school trip to Vegas. Via Iraq. *boggles at brain*

2. It is sometimes beneficial to actually ask questions, instead of randomly deciding what the answer is, as exemplified by copy of Commodore Hornblower now in my possession which set me back all of 5$.

That is all.
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It's Passover. The Jewish holiday celebrating God's liberation of the jews from slavery in Egypt. To commemorate this occasion we are forbidden to consume bread (or pasta, anything made from dough really). It is also forbidden to come in contact with it or have it in the house. Other traditions include getting drunk, stuffed with food and teaching children about blackmail.

Err, sorry about that. I know I should be more tolerant about religion (especially as it's only a harmless holiday), but we have a bit of a problem with religious customs being forced on the (majority) secular population. No public transport on Saturdays, Rabbinate monopoly on marriages ext. Now they want to ban all forbidden products from being sold anywhere during the holiday, because of a court decision that states it's ok as long they are not displayed in public. Can't have that. Why can't people be content with living the way they see fit and insist on forcing everyone into the same lifestyle? How do they do it if they are a minority? Politics!

So anyway, I plan on celebrating with beer! I am also studying for my mechanics exam, which is my last for this semester. It is also the hardest one. My brain wants to cower in a corner. I have also been watching 'Life on Mars'. And Doctor Who series 21. And series 8. Also the current series and Battlestar Galactica. I multitask. The brain cries in pain and torment.

Back to Passover, it is also supposed to be a celebration of Spring and freedom (which doesn't agree with what's actually happening *grumble*). Freedom I like. So happy holiday to everyone, may you be free to do as you wish, have a beautiful Spring and an even better Summer and may the weather have mercy on us all.


Apr. 18th, 2008 10:23 am
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82% Whoville Whero

If you scored:
0 to 25% - You may have caught the show on PBS a few times as a kid, but if you're a fan at all, it's of the new series.
26 - 50% - Not bad. You probably watched it a lot as a kid, and even caught the FOX film.
51 - 75% - Wow, you know your Synchronic Feedback from your Multi-Loop Stabilizer. Either that, or my biorhythms must be at an all time low ;)
76 - 100% - What William Shatner said to Star Trek fans applies equally to you... Maybe it's time to move out of mom & dad's basement. J/K :D You did fantastic!

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There's a holiday coming called Purim, on which people dress up in costumes. The point of this little intro is to explain why a friend brought me removable vampire teeth. Anyway, the cat is now running around the flat with them clutched between his teeth. Makes for an amusing if unusual spectacle.

On a completely different note, the terrorist attack from Thursday was in a school. A yeshiva to be exact. The terrorist came into the library and started shooting people. Eight boys got killed. Bound to cause an escalation, especially since that school belongs to faction that is already very right wing and nationalist, some members of which are not above terror attacks themselves. They believe in "The Whole Land of Israel"' as in all of Israel should belong to the jews and it's perfectly acceptable too settle on palestinian land, even privately owned land. So they set up illegal settlements which the government halfheartedly tries to evacuate from time to time with no results to speak of.

Erm... I seem to have run on a bit, but it just makes me so angry. And to deal with this you have a government unable to successfully negotiate with the trade unions never mind religious fanatics or heaven forbid the palestinians. Seriously, the university senior staff were on strike for over 90 days! That covers neatly the entire first semester, so as a result we have an academic year which has been shortened, material removed, extra classes stuffed in wherever possible (or impossible) including fridays, so we now study six days out of seven! I so don't want to live in this country.

Well, must leave to get on with the studying of the mechanics...
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No, really. But I'm back now. I think.

The political scene is as bad as ever. Seems like things are moving towards a war this summer. War in the summer is all the rage. Here, there's been a terrorist attack while I was typing this post. Off course there was. We shoot at them for a bit, they shoot at us for a bit and so on it goes.

Most of my time is taken up with studying now. Can't manage work and school, so I had to quit my job. It is very interesting though. I could feel my brain atrophy in that job. Now I feel challenged. Not sure how I will pay tuition next year, but I'll burn that bridge when I get to it.

If anyone out there still remembers me, Hi all! What news?
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England vs Israel this evening. I've just been to the seaside (where the hotels are) and my gods all the people... English football fans and Israelies staring at them as if they were some species of exotic animal.

I live near the stadium too. Should be noisy.
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We are having some reconstruction done on our bathroom, so I can't have a bath and the whole flat is full of sand.

Also, the inflatable mattress I've been sleeping has a puncture, which I can't find and therefore can't repair, so I had to sleep with my mom the last couple of nights. She snores. On the plus side though, I'm finally getting a real bed.

I'm alive!

Mar. 14th, 2007 04:10 pm
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I've been in a vegetable like state for the past few months, but something has happened to snap me briefly out of it - I got into university! I have to do a summer course in physics cause I didn't study the subject in high school, but apart from that...
Come this fall I'll be a university student, isn't that weird?
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Yes. Indeed. Am now off to celebrate with my mother. Well, I have time alone with my presents to look forward to.

I hope the new year brings good things for everyone. At least small triumphs if we can't have big ones.

On a side note, there seems to be a freesbe throwing championship going on Erousport. Owner - dog pairs. Hmmm...
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Why oh why, after months of unchanging weather, do I have to go out to a course meeting on the coldest day of the year?!!

It's actually hailing now... Grrrrr


Dec. 24th, 2006 11:33 pm
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Happy Christmas to all who celebrate it!

And all those who don't... just general happiness, then.
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I haven't slept a wink in the past two nights. Managed to catch some sleep yesterday noonish, but now after another sleepless night I don't feel at all sleepy. It seems that the long strech of extreme sleepyness is being relpaced with insomnia. Haven't had it for a while.
My mom is irritated that my routine has become even more owlish then it was before. I don't feel tired, but I have the trance like feeling you get when you don't get enough sleep. Have to go get my mom a present sometime this week.
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What do you do when you have a sudden uncontrollable desire to find out whether 1019 is a prime number at 2 am? Is that normal?

It is by the way. I've checked.
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My mom has been sick for the past week. First it was pneumonia and now it's back pain. I'm worried about her of course, and I'm doing what I can to help, but she's driving me insane! She's here all the time. I'm attempting the course thing again (started last week), so I need to do alot of studying and she keeps distracting me to ask to eat something or to tell me about what she's just seen on TV. Grrr!

Meanwhile, it's holiday season. I used to love it when I was little (back then we still lived in the USSR and Christmas wasn't celebrated, as totalitarian regimes and religious holidays are non-mixy things, so Christmas sort of merged with New Year to form one big holiday). I still do, but it's not the same when no one else around really does and the damn weather won't go below 20 fucking degrees! *ahem* Sorry about that.
I have got a tree. At least it gives the home a nice atmosphere. But it's too early for that. First there's Hanukkah. I've never taken to religious and local holidays as much as those I knew as a kid, but I like this one. There's candles (I can't help it, no matter how much I try to squash my pyro tendencies I just LOVE fire! Mmm, fire, pretty...) and lots of yummy fattening foods.
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gURL.comI took the "What's So Funny?" quiz on gURL.com
My sense of humor is...

Does nonsense make sense to you? Then absurd comedy might be your fish. Did you know that there is actually a word that means "saying something totally illogical"? It's called a "non-sequitur" and comedians use them to abruptly confuse or surprise you.Read more...

What is your sense of humor?

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I got the Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVD that I ordered today. Oh, how lovely it is! There is of course the film, and yummy special features and the film soundtrack. I even got a free Spam cupon! I have not explored it fully yet, I like to savour these things. I'm really looking forward to watching the film with the audio comentry. I love comentries!
And there's subtitles for people who don't like the film - from Henry the IV. Two of my favourite things: Python and Shakespeare bundled together, Brilliant!

Also I found this delightful thing: silly walks generator


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