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I've gone through my old entries and tagged them. I've posted very little in the past four years, so it was not too daunting a task. I was surprised to find I could recall the details of events I mention only briefly. There was surprisingly little cringeworthy stuff. Is it wrong of me to be amused by my own ramblings?

I've been feeling much better since I started university. I feel more confident and more independent. I am much less prone to becoming irritated by petty problems. I've learned how to study properly in a way that works for me. This has been a huge problem in my previous stint at university. Learning came easy in high school, so I never learned how to actually work. I still procrastinate sometimes, but I don't let it get so bad I have to change my name and move to another country to avoid the consequences (I'm still prone to the odd exaggeration though).

I'm keeping up with my reading, so my brains don't atrophy during the break. I did end up getting a biography of Caesar. After this though, I'm taking a break from Roman history for a while. There are still many books I'd like to read, but I want to get a head start on my reading for my next semester English courses. I've always meant to read Beowulf and Paradise Lost and finish The Canterbury Tales, but never quite got round to them. I'm pretty sure we will only be reading excerpts from them and I want to read them in full, which I won't have time for once the semester starts.

Still catching up on what happened in fandom during exam frenzy. I mostly mean the Doctor Who fandom. It's the biggest fandom I have, so there's a lot to catch up on and I was away from the fandom when the finale two parter aired. I wasn't happy about having to delay watching the finale, but I didn't want to risk getting too distracted. I've also started a selective rereading of the EDA's, though I'm not up to the read-along over at [livejournal.com profile] act_three. They're reading Shadows of Avalon next and I'm not reading that again. I'll probably join in after that.

Lastly, I'd like to say I love my cat. I cannot overstate the importance of this fact. I have other cats I feed (some live around my building, and some on campus) and I really like them all. But they are not as magnificent as my cat. Nothing and no one is. My cat is the most perfect creature in the history of the universe. Just thought I'd get it down in writing.
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There's a holiday coming called Purim, on which people dress up in costumes. The point of this little intro is to explain why a friend brought me removable vampire teeth. Anyway, the cat is now running around the flat with them clutched between his teeth. Makes for an amusing if unusual spectacle.

On a completely different note, the terrorist attack from Thursday was in a school. A yeshiva to be exact. The terrorist came into the library and started shooting people. Eight boys got killed. Bound to cause an escalation, especially since that school belongs to faction that is already very right wing and nationalist, some members of which are not above terror attacks themselves. They believe in "The Whole Land of Israel"' as in all of Israel should belong to the jews and it's perfectly acceptable too settle on palestinian land, even privately owned land. So they set up illegal settlements which the government halfheartedly tries to evacuate from time to time with no results to speak of.

Erm... I seem to have run on a bit, but it just makes me so angry. And to deal with this you have a government unable to successfully negotiate with the trade unions never mind religious fanatics or heaven forbid the palestinians. Seriously, the university senior staff were on strike for over 90 days! That covers neatly the entire first semester, so as a result we have an academic year which has been shortened, material removed, extra classes stuffed in wherever possible (or impossible) including fridays, so we now study six days out of seven! I so don't want to live in this country.

Well, must leave to get on with the studying of the mechanics...
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They took away my cat! *sobs*

She didn't want to go too. She never does. She tried to hide, and then she resisted leaving but... Who knows when I'll see her again.
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Spent the morning watching the cat play with a half dead cockroach. Hours of fun. You know the scene from Confidence & Paranoia, with the chicken merengo? How did they know? Did they discuss it with an actual cat when the wrote it?

Off to do things now. Clean flat *groan*
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I got a new camera! So naturally I had to try it out. The first result is less then brilliant, but hey, it my first try and I quite like it despite it's faults. Over two minutes of cat cutness!
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I started boxing with the Cat. It's lots of fun actually. She plays fair (well, mostly), doesn't scratch or bite and only hits me back with a closed...er...paw.

Her expression is the best bit though. Absolutly priceless.
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Well, now I have a cat. And 13 mice. Interesting combo. My mom came up with a way for it to work, though. It involves me sleeping in the living room. Where the big TV is. And the Red Dwarf DVD's. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

I've forggoten how beautiful the cat is. Every time I see here she's more gorgous.


Jul. 29th, 2006 04:07 pm
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Our friends are going on holiday, and leaving their cat with us.
So starting next week I have this gorgous creature )
Her name is Alice. Of course it will involve complex logistics regarding the mice, but it will be well worth it.


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