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Hmmm.... Have just watched KKBB. Yep, that's a goodly film. Also read [livejournal.com profile] roadstergal's KKBB fanfic. I do wish she'd write more. With more slash. *cough*

What else? Still sleeping on an inflateable matress as I threw away my bed before repainting (I had to, the thing was evil), playing with the babies and trying to ignore the fact they have to go in about a week and I don't know what to do with them, waiting for my aunt and cousin to come at last... Oh, and it's soon to be a whole year since I was discharged, and what have I done? Not a damn thing.
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They built a new cinema complex near my house. I went for the first time today. It's movie heaven! 15 theaters, comfortable seats, and I mean really comfortable, and great quality - yum. It smells so new too - like it's just been unwraped, which I suppose it has.
I saw Pirates Of The Carribean - Dead Man's Chest. I enjoyed it muchly. Like the first movie it tend to have these typical hollywoodic exaggerated dramatics, but apart from that it's funny and entertaining as hell. Will still annoys me, but I didn't really expect that to change. Cliffhanger....evil.....
I also bought a pretty ring, that I really like, so by all accounts a good day.
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Well, I was so bored I ended up watching whatever was on, which happened to be Fight Club, for what is it, the 12th time? Something like that. I probably should not have done that. Though I though about it, and I hadn't seen the movie in three years.


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