Oct. 9th, 2006 07:04 pm
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Whatever the hell possessed me to go to Jerusalem on Sukkot, I will never know. The city was packed. About 65 thousand at the Wailing Wall alone! I hate crowds. Gave me a mostrous headache. The trip on Saterday was the polar opposite - I've never seen the city so empty. It was fantastic. Anyway:

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Tomorrow we're off to a recreation and SPA day on the Dead Sea. So hopefully I'll get some rest. I shall bring back pretty desert pictures.
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As previously advertised... Also, a short vid about what the things do when mom is away.

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Also, I've been meaning to do this...

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More babies. 10 this time. They are like clockwork: three weeks - bam! I suppose by rights I should keep them separated, but I just don't have the heart. They look so sad when they're apart poor things. Anyway, I like having the babies. They're cute, and funny to watch. Makes me happy every time. New life born in my room, isn't it cool?
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Her name is Eve and she is afraid of alcohol. When she sees it or smells it or even hears it mentioned she runs away from the room. Very funny to watch.
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Went for a walk by the sea today. Had fun. Tried out the new camera. Only one downside - I got a teensy bit sunburnt.
I was surprised to discover Tel Aviv is just full of tourists - Americans, French, Spanish you name it. Odd.
All seems to be quiet apart from the suspiciously military looking helicopters flying in the direction of Gaza every 20 minutes or so.

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This time, blissfully without me in them.
Yeah.... Once I come up with something to do it can take up a lot of my time. Also I have the evil course thingie starting today and I'm quite anxious, so I try to get my mind of things.
*it won't work. I have an exceptionally large mind*
Shut up!!!

Ahem, yes. I took those some years ago, on my senior year school trip to Eilat. I thought some pictures of Israel with beautiful scenery rather then bombed buildings might be in order right now.
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Once again the images are quite large. I tried to scale them, but you couldn't really see well. Probably due to my lack of skill. I'll practice. Anyway, there aren't many of them.


Jul. 23rd, 2006 07:50 pm
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I've had a scanner now for about four years. The one and only time I tried to use it, it didn't work (in my defense, I wasn't the one who tried to connect it at the time, or I would have figured out the problem, as it was painfully simple). Today, for no reason whatsoever, I decided to try to connect the thing again, and hey presto it works!
So I dived right in to a project I've been wanting to do for some time - scanning old family photos. Most of the ones I've done so far are really old and I was concerned that one day they would crumble into dust. Not anymore! I can't imagine anyone being interested in this, but I put them here. *nods*

Oh, and just for the hell of it:
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Aplolgies for the enormity of some of the pics, I am sadly lacking in means of resizing them.


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