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I don't even...

I don't even know what I want to say about this except massive FAIL. Doesn't seem to cover it though. This little diplomatic incident will not blow over. I'm glad to see we're sticking to a no nonsense, everything is Their fault strategy. It's very convincing. Can a group of marines really not control a crowd without ending up killing ten of them? I don't even want to go into questions of whether they had a right to board that ship in the first place, I'm very much not an expert on international law, and really I normally try to pretend the outside world does not exist, but sometimes it's impossible.

Someone will have to answer for this. Whatever happened, the commanders that chose to send soldiers into that situation and will have to take responsibility. At best, this was a show of appalling incompetence. At worse...I don't really want to speculate on that.
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So, general elections to the Knesset (the Israeli parliament) today. I do believe we've not had a government that lasted the full, four year term in over 15 years. That can't be good. I have generally low expectations from politicians, but I still feel uneasy. The wind is blowing so much to the right that some of the parties beg the term 'fascist'. Some of them will almost certainly pass.

The sheer number of parties is astounding. Over twenty. Regularly one of the new parties gets into the Knesset because voters are so sick with all the existing ones they go for them, thinking that few others will. So we have parties that get around 10% of votes one election and completely vanish the next. Crackpot parties abound. The party for the protection of male rights. The joint party of Holocaust survivors and 'graduates' of the Green Leaf party (in favor of legalizing marijuana), I mean what the hell?

In short, I'm rather scared of the country I'll be living in starting tomorrow. Things are pretty bad already and though I don't believe any of the candidates will make great sweeping social changes (the larger parties esp. seem to be mostly about them being in power and not someone else, then any actual policy), but you can never underestimate the tendency for things to get worse.
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There's a holiday coming called Purim, on which people dress up in costumes. The point of this little intro is to explain why a friend brought me removable vampire teeth. Anyway, the cat is now running around the flat with them clutched between his teeth. Makes for an amusing if unusual spectacle.

On a completely different note, the terrorist attack from Thursday was in a school. A yeshiva to be exact. The terrorist came into the library and started shooting people. Eight boys got killed. Bound to cause an escalation, especially since that school belongs to faction that is already very right wing and nationalist, some members of which are not above terror attacks themselves. They believe in "The Whole Land of Israel"' as in all of Israel should belong to the jews and it's perfectly acceptable too settle on palestinian land, even privately owned land. So they set up illegal settlements which the government halfheartedly tries to evacuate from time to time with no results to speak of.

Erm... I seem to have run on a bit, but it just makes me so angry. And to deal with this you have a government unable to successfully negotiate with the trade unions never mind religious fanatics or heaven forbid the palestinians. Seriously, the university senior staff were on strike for over 90 days! That covers neatly the entire first semester, so as a result we have an academic year which has been shortened, material removed, extra classes stuffed in wherever possible (or impossible) including fridays, so we now study six days out of seven! I so don't want to live in this country.

Well, must leave to get on with the studying of the mechanics...
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Finally bought the colours for my room. It's going to be two shades of blue. Frankly, anything would be a step up from what it currently is, which is beige. I got a new lamp too. It's really cool. Gleaming metal and glass affair. Now I've actually got to do it. Yes.

Some of the unfortunate, but strangely ironic fallout of the war: the IDF has used up quite a lot of money and now they seem to need a massive increase in their budget on the double. Naturally, the money would have to be cut from somewhere else. Now, the goverment had already been quite industrious in the "cutting money" department (especialy from various social programs and education) that there isn't much of anything they can cut the money from. They only way is to decrease pensions and various social benefits, which they had already done several times.
Now for the really great bit - the minister of defense, who should of course lobby to increase the IDF budget, was previously head of the workers union. He had spent all his previous career fighting those kind of budget cuts. Having to cause them? Now, that makes him look about 10 different kinds of silly.
I just like to enjoy the irony before the country goes down the drain.
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Argh! Another escalation in the situation in the region. That's why I usually try to pretend the outside world does not exist. Unfortunately, that isn't always possible.
The level of maturity involved in these dealings is unwaveringly "three year olds fighting over a toy" on both sides. Three year olds with some massive weapons. It just makes me so angry! It always goes the same way: terrorist attack our soldiers (or sometimes civilians, depends on mood and changing fashion presumably), we launch a strike back at where they were vaguely rumored to have been at some point, which always, and I mean always, hurts poor innocent people instead. And so it goes on. It's just so pointless!


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