Sep. 21st, 2006 02:50 pm
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Over here in Israel it's the start of the holiday season. Three holidays in less then a month. It's a bit like a natural disaster sweeping the land actually. But whatever the reason a little celebration is good. So despite of me not being very religious (well, I'm an atheist, I'm not at all religious, but what the hell) I shall be celebrating. First up is the jewish new year:

Rosh Hashana (which means literally that - head of the year)
So, this being the new year, we have customs that symbolize a new fresh start and hope for good things in the year to come. This being the jewish new year they are mostly to do with food. There actually is a saying that goes "the better part of prayer is eating". Nice one.
The eve of Rosh Hashana is tomorrow, and the holiday itself last for too days (all trough the DJ weekend.... not that it matters to me in any way). And on this holiday we eat....Sweet things!
It is customary to eat apples dabbed in honey, so that the coming year will be good and sweet. Also pomegranates are a traditional holiday food - so that our rights and virtues will be as plentiful as the pomegranate's seeds (what the hell, I like pomegranates). Traditionally you avoid sour foods (you can take a guess at why on your own if you like).
Those are some of the symbolic foods, of course the holiday meal would be packed with all kinds of other goodies to satisfy our more earthly appetites (the importance on eating cannot be stressed enough!). Of course there's always drink (wait till I get to the holiday when you're supposed to get blitz drunk), traditionally red wine. And now for something yummy:

honey cake )

So, happy new year to everyone!


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