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I'm in the mood for rain, but unfortunately, the weather refuses to comply. It's been continually "nice" and warmish for the past two weeks, and it seems like that will continue for the next week too. Having the same weather every day is irritating. And my melancholy mood seems to only get worse because it doesn't match the weather, if that makes sense.

I've been kind of lethargic lately. Don't know why. I'm trying to shake it, but without much success so far. Anyway - Gazpacho Soup Day. Yes.
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Spent the morning watching the cat play with a half dead cockroach. Hours of fun. You know the scene from Confidence & Paranoia, with the chicken merengo? How did they know? Did they discuss it with an actual cat when the wrote it?

Off to do things now. Clean flat *groan*
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Yes, I just bought series III and IV. I now have all the DVD's! (Well, I will when I get them)
What will I do now that I have them all?! *starts to panic*
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Damn, it's hot! Too hot to live.

I have a course thing I'm starting in a month for a test I have to take to apply to the university. I have to start studying for it now. I have the words "revision time table" floating around in my head and I'm trying to catch them and squash them. Seriously though, my procrastinating is terrible.
I'm not really worried about the English portion of the test (I had a look at the English dictionary for it and I know all the words), but I have much learning to do for the mathematics section, I've forgotten most of it. And there's the Hebrew section. That's the worst one. I have to learn some 4000 hediously obscure words and phrases for it. Most of them come from arameic. Bleh. I have a good memory, but it's just so boring, it doesn't really settle in my head properly.
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I was eating curry and Dave just went mad. Ran to the edge of the cage and looked at me with begging eyes. Now, I've not gone so mad as to give the mouse curry (yet), wouldn't wanna hurt the poor thing, but still....wierd.
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Air conditioning. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there is a God.
Got the Red Dwarf DVD's I ordered today. Whatever shall I do with them?
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It's like two in the a.m. and I'm still awake. Why am I awake? Because someone has been writing....things. And I've been reading them. Ahem. Yes.
I won't be able to fall asleep at all now, I just know it.
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I have finally nagged convinced my mother to buy me the DVD's. Actually, I'm a little ashamed of this, big girl and all, should be buying things myself, but on the other hand I gave my mom all the money I earned, so I guess it's fair and shame does not become my evilness.
Anyway, Red Dwarf DVD's!
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Grrrrr....It just happend again.
No electricity for over half an hour. Fingers crossed for all the life supporters.

Had the strangest dreams last night. There was one nightmere about my garndmother that doesn't bear thinking on, a wierd extra long one about a school trip with nihgtmerish overtones, and a Red Dwarf one. I dreamt a whole new episode. Something about Lister looking for a Birthday present for Rimmer or some such thing, can't remember exactly. It supposedly should have fit somewhere in six, but was only on the DVD for some reason. I remember posting on [livejournal.com profile] reddwarfslash to ask if anyone else had seen it and thoght it was very slashy.
I'm going insane.
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I finally got down to watch the DVD today. I've just seen all the episodes with the the cast commentary and it was just...just....so.....I think the accepted term is Squeeeee!
I've just got this huge grin on my face that doesn't seem to go away. I'll slink back to the TV now =)
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My mother is away for the rest of the week vacationing an The Dead Sea, so I have the house all to myself. Finally, some peace and quiet. Doing what I want, when I want and only if and when I want. Bliss.
Got word today that I got the job from Fridays interview. I start Thursday. It may be dull, but at least I have a source of income now. And my mother will stop nagging which is a big bounus. To tell the truth, I was feeling rather ashamed of myself for beeing unemployed for so long, but I had alot of issues to work through, so it wasn't easy for me.

I orded Red Dwarf series 5&8 tooday. To say, I'm looking forward to getting them is an understatement. In fact I felt do energiezed earlier, that it manifested itself in an imulse to create, which for me usually means cooking. So I made chocolate ice cream! Mmmmmmmmmm


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