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It is not a good idea to read Oliver Twist and The Merchant of Venice at the same time.

Seven novels are rather a lot for one course. Also Dickens writes rather long novels.

Religious poetry is seriously screwed up. Very beautiful poetentially, but screwed up.

The easiet text I have to read is in Latin.

And now it's raining. On the plus side - new Gallifrey!
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My mom got back from a month in Russia this week. The place is noisy again. She brought me two dresses and just to prove she has in fact met me, some fresh berries (nothing really good grows in this benighted place). The dresses are nice, though. She has also bought matches, because you absolutely must import matches from abroad. *facepalm*

So, I had to get the really important stuff for myself. I went to return a library book (and get a new one). They have a shelf of books they're selling near the entrance to the reading hall. I like to have a look when I'm not in a hurry, but this was the first time I bought one. The Arden Henry IV part one. The second tetralogy plays have been on my to buy list for some time. I probably shouldn't have gone to the bookshop after that. I did. I've got the complete Sherlock Holmes stories and Julius Caesar. So many things to read, so little time. I want to read a book about Caesar. I'm wavering between just reading Plutarchos and a proper historical analysis. I've also been told brushing up on my knowledge of grammar will be useful for my Latin course next year. I've got grades for all my courses now, except one tutorial. I'm a bit at a loss what to do with myself now, actually.
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I got the Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVD that I ordered today. Oh, how lovely it is! There is of course the film, and yummy special features and the film soundtrack. I even got a free Spam cupon! I have not explored it fully yet, I like to savour these things. I'm really looking forward to watching the film with the audio comentry. I love comentries!
And there's subtitles for people who don't like the film - from Henry the IV. Two of my favourite things: Python and Shakespeare bundled together, Brilliant!

Also I found this delightful thing: silly walks generator


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