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It's Passover. The Jewish holiday celebrating God's liberation of the jews from slavery in Egypt. To commemorate this occasion we are forbidden to consume bread (or pasta, anything made from dough really). It is also forbidden to come in contact with it or have it in the house. Other traditions include getting drunk, stuffed with food and teaching children about blackmail.

Err, sorry about that. I know I should be more tolerant about religion (especially as it's only a harmless holiday), but we have a bit of a problem with religious customs being forced on the (majority) secular population. No public transport on Saturdays, Rabbinate monopoly on marriages ext. Now they want to ban all forbidden products from being sold anywhere during the holiday, because of a court decision that states it's ok as long they are not displayed in public. Can't have that. Why can't people be content with living the way they see fit and insist on forcing everyone into the same lifestyle? How do they do it if they are a minority? Politics!

So anyway, I plan on celebrating with beer! I am also studying for my mechanics exam, which is my last for this semester. It is also the hardest one. My brain wants to cower in a corner. I have also been watching 'Life on Mars'. And Doctor Who series 21. And series 8. Also the current series and Battlestar Galactica. I multitask. The brain cries in pain and torment.

Back to Passover, it is also supposed to be a celebration of Spring and freedom (which doesn't agree with what's actually happening *grumble*). Freedom I like. So happy holiday to everyone, may you be free to do as you wish, have a beautiful Spring and an even better Summer and may the weather have mercy on us all.
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Wheee! Chris Barrie with really tight trousers and an outragouus french accent! *ahem* I mean Blackadder the Third. They probabaly should'nt show this on TV. Especially not when I've had beer.
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I've been watching the scheduls on bbcprime. The thing is the scheduling on the channel is mysterious and unpredictibale indeed, so if you want to catch the good stuff amid all the gardening, cooking, antique ext. ext. programs, you have to watch the damn thing like a hawk.
Anyway, tonight they are showing Blackadder the third. All of it! Now, they already showed the fourth series a few month ago, and the first and second a few weeks ago (see, no kind of order!), so that make all of them.


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