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24 soldiers killed in a day. 24. And for what? Will the world be a better place? Will Israel be a safer country to live in? I don't think so. How much longer is this madness going to go on for?!
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More and more people getting hurt. Every damn day. It's all just getting worse. We met up with some acquaintances form Haifa yesterday. They had unhappy stories of sirens going off all day long. The father of the family missed work twice because of the alerts and lost his job (which I'm absolutely convinced is illegal).

Now my great aunt is dying. I don't even know why it upset me as much as it did - she is very old. It's just sad.
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I gave away the babies today. It wasn't nearly as hard as the first time, but still - not fun.
Alice seemed to be afraid of them, which I found highly amusing.

The war is still going strong. I think it's just getting worse. I try not to think about it too much as there is absolutlely nothing I can do, so it's best not to drive myself crazy with it, but it's there. Can't ignore it completely.
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And so it begins. Always the way isn't it? There's people in Lebanon getting killed, people in Israel getting killed, now people all over the world, who presumably are guilty by asociation are getting killed.
No end in sight. I thougt the incident would be over in a couple of weeks, but obviously that isn't the case. What I really don't understand is what exactly they expect to achive. What would be considered a success? Because I cannot see any outcome to this that is even remotly positive for anyone involved.
Meanwhile, where I live it's almost disturbingly quiet. I say disturbingly, because though the Hezbolla been threatening to shoot at Tel-Aviv for weeks it's pretty much business as ussual around here. With people just few kilometers north all stuck in bomb shelters that's quite eerie.
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They are firing rockets at the north now. One woman got killed. Over 20 people injured. So far.
On the other hand our leadership is threatening to bomb the Hezbollah building in Beirut. It's in a populated area, of course. I wonder how many people that would kill.
That's not what got me really depressed though. I just saw a poll on one of the Israeli internet portals. 90% (ye gods!) of the voters (and there were quite a few) think we should Invade Lebanon with full military force. Has everyone gone mad? Do they really think invading a neighboring country is a good idea?!
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Argh! Another escalation in the situation in the region. That's why I usually try to pretend the outside world does not exist. Unfortunately, that isn't always possible.
The level of maturity involved in these dealings is unwaveringly "three year olds fighting over a toy" on both sides. Three year olds with some massive weapons. It just makes me so angry! It always goes the same way: terrorist attack our soldiers (or sometimes civilians, depends on mood and changing fashion presumably), we launch a strike back at where they were vaguely rumored to have been at some point, which always, and I mean always, hurts poor innocent people instead. And so it goes on. It's just so pointless!


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