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The Heat has been going on for almost two months now. Upwards of 35C is not normal for Moscow in any season. Ever. Forest fires are blazing all around the country. It is impossible to contain all of them before they reach populated areas. In places the wind encourages the spread of the fires. In Moscow, the smoke from the fires in the surrounding areas lingers. Pollutants are up to 6 times (!) the acceptable levels. It is also 39C. The heat will probably not abate for another month (although winds might clear some of the smog). When it does it should be possible to put the fires out. And presumably to build some kind of shelter for the people who have lost their homes before the cold sets in (soon after).

There is no climate change. It's all fine.
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It's hot. Why on Earth is it hot?

Tomorrow I'll be starting University Take Two - English. I'm a bit nervous about that and a bit excited. However, going outside and actually talking to people would make it difficult to pretend I don't live here.

I will have much less time for my hobbies (baking, fanfic reading, Cat worship ect.) now. Whatever shall I do?
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Why oh why, after months of unchanging weather, do I have to go out to a course meeting on the coldest day of the year?!!

It's actually hailing now... Grrrrr
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I'm in the mood for rain, but unfortunately, the weather refuses to comply. It's been continually "nice" and warmish for the past two weeks, and it seems like that will continue for the next week too. Having the same weather every day is irritating. And my melancholy mood seems to only get worse because it doesn't match the weather, if that makes sense.

I've been kind of lethargic lately. Don't know why. I'm trying to shake it, but without much success so far. Anyway - Gazpacho Soup Day. Yes.
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Rain!!! It's actually raining! *jumps up and down*


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