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I spent half the day trying to balance an account, or whatever you call it. Stupid bloody numbers! They wont fit! I could feel my brain melt and ooze out of my ears.

Meanwhile the annoying boss has gone to Texas for a fortnight, where it is my fond hope he will get run over by a herd of stampeding bison, or something of that nature.
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Well, it wasn't fun, let me tell you. But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The boss is beyond annoying, but the rest are quite nice. It is very dull, but there's alot of work so the time passes quikly.
I just hope I don't get stuck in this job for too long. I will have to get a part time job when I start school, but who knows when that will be, or even if it will happen at all. I'm very passive, I hate that about myself. I tend to just go where life takes me, which seldom turns out to be somewhere nice. The knowlege it's all my fault doesn't make it any better.

My that was glommy! I'm in quite a good mood actually. Work is over for now!
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Well I did it. I started the new job. It was just as mind numbingly dull as I predicted, but I soldiered on. Now I just have to keep it up. it's not as bad as the army actually. There's more work so the time passes faster and oh yeah, I get paid!


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