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Am in Russia now. Is 6C. Doesn't feel as cold as I thought it would. Had a nice walk with my aunt and dinner with family. Had a fight with my cousin's black labrador over plastic bottle. Won. Just. *is ded*
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Our guests arrived today. I got a pretty jacket and gloves and some other stuff I can't remember cause I'm inexplicably tired and I've been drinking. The also got me a DVD of the russian version of Sherlock Holmes. I love it. And we now have srawberry marmelade. Home made. Yumeeh! I would make it myself, but the sraberries here just aren't suitable for it. Better looking but with much less flavour.
I'm most happy about my aunt bringing me some of my grandfathers medals from WW2. We used to have all of them before we moved here and I just wanted some of them to remember him by. She also brought me his pack of cards. I love them. The still smell like my grandfather.
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I can't belive it's only a week till my aunt and my cousin are coming! It kept seeming so long to, and suddenly it's almost here!

I'm also nervous about it. In an astonishing display of my social ineptitude, I'm afraid of speaking to my cousin. It's my elder cousin, you see. When I was little she was a teenager and didn't have much interest in playing around with me and her younger sister (who is about my age), and later on we left the country. I don't think I can remember us ever having alone been in a room together. Now, I love my cousin and I admire her, because I think she is an amazing woman, but what if we have nothing to talk about? That just terrifies me. Seriously, I've had nightmares. Plural. I'm sure it will all turn out right in the end, but I can't help obsessing about it for now.
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More and more people getting hurt. Every damn day. It's all just getting worse. We met up with some acquaintances form Haifa yesterday. They had unhappy stories of sirens going off all day long. The father of the family missed work twice because of the alerts and lost his job (which I'm absolutely convinced is illegal).

Now my great aunt is dying. I don't even know why it upset me as much as it did - she is very old. It's just sad.
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Wheeeeeee! *jumps up and down bouncing of walls on the way*

My aunt from Russia and my two cousins are coming! Well, in a month or so. They will be here for about two weeks.
I knew it was a possibility for some thime now, but now it's certain. They are coming here despite the nasty situation. I love my family! Can't wait till they get here!


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